The Colony

Discover the Enchanting Charm of The Colony, TX

Nestled near the pristine shores of Lake Lewisville and conveniently located at the intersection of State Highway 121 and Farm Road 423, The Colony is a captivating town in southeastern Denton County, Texas. Just eight miles east of Lewisville, fifteen miles northeast of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and a short twenty-four-mile drive from downtown Dallas, The Colony offers residents an ideal blend of tranquil lakeside living and easy access to urban amenities.


A History Rooted in the Peters' Colony The Colony takes its name from the historic Peters' colony, and its origins date back to the Hedgcoxe War of 1852 when settlers clashed and burned the office of the Texas Emigration and Land Company. Fast forward to 1973, and the community witnessed a significant transformation when Fox and Jacobs, Incorporated, developed the area into a premier housing development, encompassing 3,000 acres.


From Suburban Dream to Flourishing Township As the first twenty-seven families moved into Fox and Jacobs's meticulously designed single-family homes in 1974, The Colony's growth was set in motion. A proactive approach saw the establishment of a municipal utilities district, ensuring seamless services from Lone Star Gas, Texas Power and Light, and Southwestern Bell Telephone companies. The community formed a volunteer fire department, showcasing its spirit of camaraderie.


Blossoming Into a Thriving City The residents' determination to create a thriving city bore fruit in 1977 when they successfully negotiated the release of The Colony from the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the neighboring city of Frisco. In 1979, The Colony officially incorporated and adopted a council-manager government with a seven-member city council, further cementing its path towards progress.


Modern Amenities and a Flourishing Community The Colony offers residents access to two vibrant shopping centers, eight places of worship, and the local news from The Colony Courier and The Colony Leader newspapers. Lewisville Independent School District has thoughtfully established four elementary schools and a middle school to cater to the educational needs of the town's growing population.


Growing Together, Embracing the Future As The Colony continues to thrive, its population reached 22,113 in 1990 and surged to 26,531 by the year 2000, reflecting its enduring appeal. Today, The Colony stands as a picturesque town where lakeside serenity meets the warmth of a close-knit community.

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